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NFL teams identify one QB as ‘good fit’ for the Indianapolis Colts in 2023 NFL Draft

The Indianapolis Colts made their intentions clear this offseason, with the entire organization stating its desire to find a franchise quarterback. As the 2023 NFL Draft draws closer, it’s becoming increasingly evident who that player will be.

Indianapolis attempted to acquire the first pick from the Chicago Bears, led by owner Jim Irsay publicly stating his interest in Bryce Young. Once the Carolina Panthers acquired the top pick, effectively ensuring Young and C.J. Stroud were off the board in the first two picks, the Colts knew they wouldn’t land the highest-rated quarterbacks.

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Now, holding the fourth overall pick, the Colts are waiting to see what the Arizona Cardinals will do at No. 3 overall. Arizona is shopping the pick, with multiple NFL teams expressing interest in it to land Anthony Richardson. As a result, there is an increasing likelihood that only one of the consensus first-round talents at quarterback is left standing for Indianapolis.

  • Will Levis stats (2022): 65.4% completion rate, 19-10 TD-INT, 151.9 passer rating, 8.5 ypa, 2,406 passing yards in 11 games

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, multiple teams believe that Kentucky quarterback Will Levis is a ‘good fit’ for the Colts and would be a suitable target with the No. 4 selection. It follows reports of the growing buzz that Indianapolis is narrowing its sights on Levis.

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Evaluators around the league viewing Levis as a fit see what the Colts can offer. The hiring of head coach Shane Steichen was made because Irsay wants a coach with a background in developing young quarterbacks. After seeing what Steichen did for Justin Herbert and Jalen Hurts, the Colts’ belief is that their new coach can do the same for a rookie.

However, it’s worth considering what the NFL is also collectively saying about Levis. There are new reporters about the specific concerns teams found when scouting him along with recent buzz that some teams view him as the fifth-best quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft class.

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Levis does have the strongest arm in the draft and his prototypical size is likely appealing to a general manager like Chris Ballard. However, drafting him might essentially be the only option for the Colts if they aren’t willing to pursue Lamar Jackson.