Inadvertent whistle costs Patriots potential touchdown

The New England Patriots almost took a two-score third-quarter lead, but an inadvertent whistle cost Tom Brady and Danny Amendola a potential 69-yard touchdown against the Buffalo Bills.

Shortly after halftime, New England had a 1st-and-10 from its own 31-yard line. Brady escaped pressure in the pocket, rolled right and found a freelancing Amendola, who turned upfield as a whistle blew.

Officials ruled the whistle did not occur until after the catch, meaning the ball was dead at the spot of the catch—the New England 45.

Had the referee not messed up, Amendola would’ve had to outrun his cornerback to the end zone, which certainly was a possibility. Unfortunately for the Patriots, he didn’t get the chance.

Three plays later, Stephen Gostkowki missed a 54-yard field goal. Buffalo scored a touchdown on the ensuing possession. Thanks to the whistle, New England faced a 10-10 game instead of holding a 17-3 edge.