IK Enemkpali punched man he thought was a woman who offered oral sex

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Geno Smith isn’t the first person to feel the heavy hand of IK Enemkpali.

Back in 2011 the pass-rusher missed the opening game of the season for Louisiana Tech after being suspended one game for punching an off-duty cop at a bar. But there was another incident during his college days that resulted in another swing of the fist, Paula Lavigne of ESPN reports.

Lavigne exposed an incident in which Enemkpali was in contact with a man whom he believed to be a woman. This person and the former Jets outside linebacker had exchanged Facebook messages when “Missy Lee,” as he called himself, eventually offered oral sex to Enemkpali if he would visit his house.

However, when Enemkpali entered the home, he found the person with which he’d been in contact with to be covered from head to toe with a blanket. He then left the home, only to return a while later after “Missy Lee” convinced him to return via telephone conversation.

Upon his second entry into the home, “Missy Lee” once again wouldn’t come out of the blanket. However, a call on┬áthe man’s cell phone revealed his secret: “the screen lit up the room enough to see that the person under the blanket had facial hair,” while another person entered the room.

That’s when Enemkpali lost it and punched the man in the blanket, thinking he was about to be robbed.

He left by way of the window, per the police report, which he filed after “Missy Lee” (aka┬áKetryn Anderson) demanded $1,000 to stay quiet about the matter in a cat-fishing/blackmail attempt. Ever the money-seeker, Anderson wouldn’t speak to ESPN about the matter unless the sports news network paid him for his side of the story, per Lavigne.

In the end, neither Enemkpali nor Anderson pressed charges.