Ice Cube: ‘Raiders owe Oakland a Super Bowl’

Bay Area hip-hop legend Ice Cube is almost as well-known for being an Oakland Raiders fan as he is for his hit songs. For Cube, the Raiders are a brand. They represent what is right about football.

His partnership with former Raiders CEO Amy Trask in the new BIG3 league is a prime example of this.

So when Ice Cube talks Raiders football, it’s probably time for us to listen. And boy did he talk Raiders football in a recent interview with ESPN. Specifically, the rap mogul focused on the team’s Super Bowl contending status and imminent move to Las Vegas.

“I think the Raiders owe Oakland a Super Bowl championship before they leave,” Ice Cube said, via ESPN. “So that’s why, I think, people are going to support them.”

He’s not wrong here. Considering the Raiders fan base in Oakland has dealt with 20 years of cellar-dwelling status, the fans in Northern California do deserve a winning product.

How unfortunate would it be for those fans if this talented Raiders team won a Super Bowl its first season in Las Vegas? Surely, those in the desert metropolis would be happy. But that would be a pure kick in the gut to Raiders fans that have supported this team through thick and thin (mostly thin).

As it is, the Raiders head into this season as one of the top Super Bowl favorites. Wouldn’t it be a great story if home-town hero Marshawn Lynch led his team to a title before the Raiders exited for the desert?

Cube seems to think so.