Hue Jackson on Terrelle Pryor’s trash talk: Has no place in the NFL

Cleveland Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor has earned the scorn of opposing defensive backs with his trash talk. His coach, Hue Jackson, wants Pryor to stop.

“I don’t think (that has) any place in the National Football League, especially on our team,” Jackson said via Pat McManamon of ESPN, apparently referring to Pryor’s trash talk “We’re going to try to get all those things quieted down. We just going to play football, be the best football players we can be. Let’s get away from all of that.”

An opposing corner has ripped Pryor following each of Cleveland’s last two games.

Following the Browns’ Week 12 loss to the New York Giants, defensive back Janoris Jenkins went on a since deleted Twitter tirade, which can be seen here.

Ahead of Week 14’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Adam Jones made some disparaging remarks towards Pryor. When the game was over, he continued down that road.

While the comments from Jenkins and Jones might seem overly harsh, Jackson is on the money. The Browns are not only the NFL’s worst team, but are 0-13. It’s quite realistic that the season will end without a win. Certain teams (like the Seattle Seahawks) clearly follow the trash-talking model. But the Seahawks have been successful. So, a case could be made that the trash talk helps them. What good has trash talking gotten Cleveland?

Players on the Browns really would be better off just focusing on winning and avoiding an 0-16 finish. Once that happens, the trash talk can resume. Until then, Pryor’s trash talk is probably better kept to himself.