Hue Jackson is Vegas favorite to be first coach fired next season

By Vincent Frank

It’s not terribly surprising that Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson will head into the 2018 NFL season clearly on the hot seat.

His Browns are coming off a 2017 campaign in which the team posted just the second winless 16-game regular season in league history. Jackson himself is now 1-31 as the Browns’ head coach. That’s bad. Historically bad.

According to Vegas, this futility has Jackson has the favorite to be the first head coach fired once the 2018 season comes calling. In fact, he’s the overwhelming favorite.

With Cleveland having improved its roster leaps and bounds, Jackson’s leash just isn’t going to be anywhere near as long as it was last season. A slow start to 2018 will likely almost immediately lead to his ousting from Cleveland.

Outside of Jackson, there’s not too many surprises here. Though, one certainly now has to wonder what Marvin Lewis has on the Cincinnati Bengals’ brass. Maybe an unflattering photo or video, because the third-best odds makes absolutely no sense.

In looking further down the list, a couple things stood out. New Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden signed a 10-year, $100 million deal with the team this past winter. How could Oakland justify eating $90 million of that? There’s no way this is happening.

Potentially the most overrated head coach in the league, Pete Carroll’s abilities will be tested in Seattle this coming season. It’s now obvious both the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers have better teams in the NFC West. Should the Seahawks struggle to remain relevant, it would not be an absolute shock to see Carroll be given his walking papers.

Either way, these odds tell us a whole lot about what the betting community thinks will unfold on the coachingĀ carousel next season.