Did Howie Long Play with ‘Metal Pebbles” Embedded in Jersey

If this seems crazy, that’s because it might very well be. But let’s tell you the story and let you decide for yourself.

According to the Heritage Auction house, the site has an authentic Howie Long jersey for sale. What makes this specific jersey interesting is an authenticator Troy Kinunen indicates that there are metal like pebbles embedded underneath the numbers of the jersey.

Al Davis’ Raiders unquestionably prided themselves on cheating, and while we won’t say that the offered jersey proves it, we will suggest that Howie Long may have broke the rules a bit in this instance. One of the most unique jerseys we have ever come across, the black mesh Oakland home shirt displays a scattering of metal pebbles sewn underneath the silver numerals. Most likely placed under the fabric to rough up the fingers of opposing offensive linemen, the “pebbles” are the first MEARS authenticator Troy Kinunen has ever seen on a uniform.

It goes without saying that the former Los Angeles Raiders Hall of Famer has denied that he ever used what would have been considered an illegal uniform (via ESPN.com).

It’s so out of left field. It’s just bizarre.┬áIt’s just all so ridiculous.

Considering the stories we have heard about Long and the Raiders of that era, this wouldn’t comes a huge surprise. In any event, it’s a pretty interesting story.

Photo: Chat Sports