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How to watch MLB on Apple TV+

Jason Burgos
How To Watch MLB On apple tv
Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a big-time baseball enthusiast, there is a good chance you have wondered about how to watch MLB on Apple TV+. Especially since Apple has become a major force in the streaming business. Well, fear not because in this space you can find everything you need to know if you plan on tuning into MLB games on Apple TV+.

Can You Watch Sports On Apple TV?

When it comes to sports, the Apple TV device does allow viewers to partake in their favorite pastime. You can watch the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and even MMA. And while you can watch certain content with an Apple TV+ subscription for free, for many of the others you will need to use a preexisting subscription or signup for one.

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However, if you are a fan of professional baseball then you are in luck because the league and Apple agreed to a deal in March that lets Apple TV broadcast exclusive games under its “Friday Night Baseball” banner. The series features a double-header of MLB action at the end of each week during the regular season for subscribers of their streaming service.

How To Subscribe To Apple TV Plus

How To Watch MLB On apple tv
Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

If you are looking to subscribe to Apple TV Plus (or Apple TV+) it is fairly simple and the service is currently offering a 7-day free trial. To start, you can head over to the services site here. To start your free trial you will need to log in with your Apple account or create an all-new one.

From there, follow the instructions to complete your account and sign up for a subscription, which will include setting up a contact email and the way in which you be billed if you intend to keep the service after the free trial.

This process is also useful to do in advance if you plan to purchase the actual Apple television device — similar to an Amazon Fire Stick — and want to cut the cord and end life beholden to cable and satellite provider’s whims.

How Much Does Apple TV Plus Cost?

If you end up enjoying what Apple has to offer in the world of streaming — since they also offer original content, television shows, and movies along with live sports — a subscription to the service costs just $4.99 a month. Over a 12-month period that would equal $59.88.

Does Apple TV Have Live Sports?

How To Watch MLB On apple tv
Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

There is a wide range of Apple TV live sports. Be it through its “Friday Night Baseball” deal, or by downloading top sports apps like NBA League Pass, MLB TV, ESPN, or DAZN. You can find the various options by opening the “TV app,” clicking on “sports” then scrolling through the selections.

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How To Watch MLB TV On Apple TV?

To watch MLB TV on your Apple streaming device, you should first subscribe to the service. Which you can do here. After subscribing go to the home screen of the device:

  • Open the app store
  • Search for MLB TV
  • Download the app
  • Once installed you will need to sign-in
  • Then start to watching MLB games

How To Unsubscribe From Apple TV Plus

How To Watch MLB On apple tv
Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

If you are not satisfied with the offerings on Apple TV+ and want to unsubscribe from the service the process is simple. If you’re on your phone:

  • Head to the site here
  • Click on the account icon
  • Go to “settings”
  • Scroll down to subscriptions
  • Then go to manage
  • Finally, select “cancel subscription”

If you want to unsubscribe through your device, the above directions can be used after you head to “settings.”