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How To Watch Formula 1 Live Without Cable 2024

You can cut the cord and not miss a single race — find out how to watch every Grand Prix without cable.

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It’s easier than ever to watch all your favorite sports without having cable, thanks to sports streaming services. So if you’re wondering how to watch Formula 1, knowing you don’t have cable, have no fear! You don’t need cable at all. The answer to where to watch F1 races is simple: you can stream them in plenty of places as long as you have a subscription. 

With streaming services, you don’t have to worry about contracts, and a lot of times, you can pick a service that’s more tailored to your needs than a cable package is — and that usually means a better price point and better channel selection. For sports fans, that might mean better access to the races, matches, and games that you like best. Formula 1 fans have it made because where to watch F1 in the USA is widespread — the races are streaming on popular channels carried by several streamers. And yes, F1 is on ESPN Plus too. Ahead, find out more about how to watch Formula 1 without cable.

Where can you stream Formula 1?

Formula 1 races air on ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2. You can also find them on ESPN Plus and on the Formula 1 app. You can find these channels easily on DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

DIRECTV STREAMFuboHulu + Live TVSling TVYouTube TV

How to watch Formula 1 with DIRECTV STREAM

DIRECTV STREAM offers the most packages of all the streamers here, with four different options. The base plan is Entertainment at $74.99 for 75+ channels. Next is the Choice plan at $99.99 for 105+ channels. The next plan is Ultimate for $109.99 for 140+ channels, and the top-tier plan is Premier at $154.99 for 150+ channels. Each of the channel packages will give you access to Formula 1, but entertainment fans will be able to stream even more of what they love with more channels.

PlanCost per MonthChannels Simultaneous
Free Trial
Entertainment$79.9975+Unlimited at home
3 out of the home
Choice$108.99105+Unlimited at home
3 out of the home
Ultimate$119.99140+Unlimited at home
3 out of the home
Premier$164.99150+Unlimited at home
3 out of the home

What sports offerings does DIRECTV STREAM provide?

DIRECTV has a ton to offer sports fans — including the channels you need to stream your Formula 1 championship races. Viewers can watch FS1, ESPN, and ESPN2 with each of the DIRECTV STREAM packages. In addition to those channels, you can get a number of other local networks, like MSNBC, CBS, and Fox, plus some regional sports networks depending on where you’re located, like NBC Sports Bay Area or MSG. 

Though DIRECTV STREAM can get pricey if you go up to the Premier package, it is one of the most all-encompassing streaming packages on the market and truly offers you everything you could possibly dream of — and we mean everything. If you have a house of people who want to watch niche sports, scary movies, the daily news, and cartoons, DIRECTV STREAM will have all of that (plus the Super Bowl and all of the Formula 1 Grand Prix races). 

How to watch Formula 1 with Fubo

Fubo is a streaming service designed for sports fans. With three Fubo packages available, each one is chock-full of channels, including plenty of sports offerings. The base package is the Pro plan, which costs $74.99 and offers more than 160 channels. Next up is the Elite plan at $84.99, offering more than 230 channels. And the largest plan on offer is Premier for $94.99. With that plan, you get more than 240 channels. 

Fubo has a wealth of sports channels — including everything you need to watch Formula 1.

PlanCost per MonthChannels Simultaneous
Free Trial

What sports offerings does Fubo provide? 

All of the Fubo packages will get you access to the Formula 1 channels you need — ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2. There may be a rare location that doesn’t offer ABC, but for the most part, all areas have access to every network. 

In addition to your Formula 1 stations, Fubo offers a number of regional sports networks, including NBC Sports Bay Area, MSG, Bally Sports Ohio, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, and more. Viewers also have access to other local channels like NBC, CBS, and Fox. More sports networks like NFL Network, Big 10 Network, and the Tennis Channel are also available.

Fubo is a well-rounded streaming service for sports fans, but it also offers plenty of other channels for the rest of the family — including family-friendly kids’ channels and movie channels, too. It’s a great streamer for everyone to enjoy.

How to watch Formula 1 with Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is unique in that it offers an on-demand service as well as a live service. To get Formula 1, though, customers have to subscribe to Hulu + Live TV — with ads or without. Hulu (With Ads) + Live TV costs $76.99 per month, whereas Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV costs $89.99 per month. The only difference between the packages is that, quite literally, one has no ads — the channel selection is exactly the same. 

Hulu + Live TV also offers a combo package with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus, which can get you access to even more channels and content beyond Formula 1. The best part is that these apps are included with your price, so you get them no matter what.

PlanCost per MonthChannels Simultaneous
Free Trial
Hulu + Live TV
(with ads)
Hulu + Live TV
(without ads)

What sports offerings does Hulu + Live TV provide? 

Hulu + Live TV offers all the ESPN you could want, especially considering you get the ESPN Plus streamer as a whole addition to your Hulu subscription. You can also stream Formula 1 on your local ABC affiliate, which all markets should have access to (though Hulu has been known to drop ABC in some markets from time to time, making it a little less reliable than other streamers).

Hulu’s sports channel selection isn’t as vast as some of the other streamers, but it offers the go-tos for major events like the NBA Finals or the MLB All-Star Game. Viewers have access to channels like NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, and FS1. Plus, Hulu + Live TV offers unlimited DVR cloud storage so you can record your games and matches and watch them on your own time.

How to watch Formula 1 with Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most cost-efficient streamers on the market. With three available packages, Sling TV’s prices start at just $40 per month — however, you’ll almost always find an introductory deal that knocks the price down even lower. Sling Orange costs $40 per month, Sling Blue costs $40 per month, and the combo Sling Orange & Blue costs $55 per month. 

Sling Orange offers around 30 channels (give or take, depending on your location), with Sling Blue offering about 10 more than that. The combined package gives you the best of both worlds.

PlanCost per MonthChannels Simultaneous
Free Trial
Sling Orange$4030+1Yes
Sling Blue$4040+3Yes
Sling Orange + Blue$5545+4Yes

What sports offerings does Sling TV provide? 

ESPN and ESPN2 are available on Sling Orange or Sling Orange & Blue. ABC is a trickier one since it’s a local channel. It’s currently only available in a few markets in Sling Blue and Sling Orange & Blue packages. The price of Sling TV is also slightly higher in those markets to account for the increased channel offerings. 

In addition to your Formula 1 needs, Sling TV also offers a selection of other entertainment add-ons and sports channels like SHOWTIME, STARZ, Big10 Network, and FS2. 

The channel selection on Sling TV isn’t huge — but it lines up with the price. It’s a budget-friendly option, so you’re getting fewer channels than the more expensive streaming services. But if you just need the big ones, like the ESPNs, you’ll get that with Sling TV.

How to watch Formula 1 with YouTube TV

YouTube TV keeps things simple and straightforward — there’s one plan, and it’s $72.99 per month. You get over 100 channels. The streamer offers Spanish packages and NFL packages, but for the sake of looking at streaming Formula 1, all you need is the base package. This plan offers a little bit of everything in terms of channels — sports, entertainment, and news — including everything you need to watch your races.

PlanCost per MonthChannels Simultaneous
Free Trial

What sports offerings does YouTube TV provide? 

YouTube TV offers ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2, as well as ESPNews, ESPNU, and more. Customers will also have access to their other local networks like CBS, Fox, and NBC, as well as more sports channels, including Motortrend, NFL Network, and NBA TV. 

For more niche sports channels, you’ll have to add on a sports package for $10.99 per month, which provides access to NFL RedZone, PokerGO+, and more. 

Customers will also have access to some regional sports networks with YouTube TV, specifically the NBC networks, but will likely not be able to tap into Bally or AT&T Sportsnet. For all the major sports — NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, etc. — you’ll find what you’re looking for on YouTube TV. 

Formula 1 schedule 2023

The 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship starts in March and runs through November. The first race was the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 5. The last race scheduled is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Nov. 26. Races are held on Sundays. 

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the biggest Formula 1 races, and this year it was held on May 28. Other major Formula 1 races during the season are the Italian Grand Prix on Sept. 3 and the British Grand Prix on July 9.


Can I watch Formula 1 without cable?

Yes, you can watch Formula 1 with a number of streaming services that don’t require cable. Watch Formula 1 with Sling TV, Fubo, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, or DIRECTV STREAM.

How can I stream Formula 1 live in the U.S.?

If you’re looking for where to watch Formula 1 in the U.S, you can stream Formula 1 live with a streaming service like Fubo, Sling TV, or Hulu + Live TV. Fubo and DIRECTV STREAM also offer Formula 1 races live in the U.S. as well.

Can I watch Formula 1 for free?

You can watch some Formula 1 races for free on ABC with an antenna. You’ll need to figure out the connectivity with the FCC, but once you do, you can connect with an antenna and watch the races for free.

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