Houston Texans Trade T.J. Yates to the Atlanta Falcons

So the Houston Texans apparently did not cut T.J. Yates on Tuesday, which was widely reported. They decided to keep him on the roster for an extra 24 hours in order to see if they could work out a deal. 

Fortunately for the Texans, they found a trade partner in the form of the Atlanta Falcons, who gave up linebacker Akeem Dent for the backup quarterback (via CSN Houston).

The Texans never officially cut T.J. Yates like they were planning to. Instead, they kept the veteran quarterback on the roster, then traded him to the Falcons on Wednesday night.

In return, the Texans got linebacker Akeem Dent.

Yates will¬†likely become Atlanta’s No. 2 quarterback behind Matt Ryan, ahead of the likes of Dominique Davis and Sean Renfree.

As it relates to the Texans, Dent will back up Brooks Reed and Brian Cushing at inside linebacker.

Photo: Houston Texans