Hong Kong democracy activist calls out LeBron James over hypocrisy

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James is in the news once again on the heels of the three-time NBA champion starting a voting rights organization ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election.

LeBron James hasn’t been shy about tackling politics

This is James’ biggest foray into politics. In the past, he has used his social media platform to call out President Donald Trump and to help lead the charge to create racial equality in the United States.

Though, James was relatively quiet earlier in the NBA season when Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey made waves by siding with Hong Kong protesters in their attempt for freedom from the oppressive Chinese regime.

Morey’s comments caused a firestorm in the communist nation, leading to a straining of relationships between the leadership in Beijing and the NBA. James didn’t release a statement supporting the protesters who continue to aim for democracy in the former British colony. In fact, he called Morey’s comment “misinformed.”

One of the faces of Hong Kong’s movement toward democracy is now calling out King James for his hypocrisy.

Democracy advocate Joshua Wong calls out LeBron over hypocrisy

In the midst of the current racial tensions in the United States following the murder of George Floyd last month, James has joined others in calling out police brutality and racial inequality. His decision to start a voting rights organization for the African-American population aims at adding another layer to America’s “democratic” ways.

Though, Wong is having none of it. The 23-year-old Hong Kong native, who once testified on Capitol Hill about his region’s plight, had this to say about Mr. James.

There are certainly a lot of layers to this sentiment. James’ financial relationship with China likely plays a huge role in him remaining quiet over their oppression of Hong Kong. He currently has a lifetime deal with Nike that’s expected to ultimately be valued at $1 billion.

In all, James’ financial relationship with the oppressive communist nation will likely be close to $2 billion when all is said and done. Is it hypocritical for him to push for more voting rights in the United States while ignoring a nation that’s seen as the most oppressive within the first world? We’ll let you be the judge on that front.

As for Mr. Wong, he most certainly is not misinformed on the matter. Back in 2011, the then United Christian College student started Scholarism, an activist group aiming for a free and independent Hong Kong. Raised by Protestant parents, he saw the oppression of the Chinese regime first-hand. Said group initiated the now well-known Hong Kong protests back in 2014.

Even then, James has his own issues to focus on in America. As we’ve seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing protests stemming from Floyd’s murder, the United States is no longer (or has never been) the beacon for equality around the world. James’ first goal is to create more equality and help end police brutality in the nation.

Should that mean remaining silent regarding the situation in Hong Kong and his vast financial relationship with the fascists in Beijing?