A’s hit back at Jon Gruden for comments about Raiders leaving Oakland

By Michael Dixon
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Gruden feels bad about the Raiders’ pending move out of Oakland. He really does. But the city’s baseball team isn’t exactly looking for his sympathy.

The Oakland Raiders new coach mentioned that the move is “kind of sad,” asking “What will they have once we go?”

The Oakland Athletics noticed the comment. The team’s official Twitter page clarified exactly what Oakland will have once the Raiders leave.

That’s not a lie.┬áThe A’s trail only the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals in World Series titles.

While a bid for a new stadium has hit some roadblocks, the Athletics are also intent on remaining in Oakland.

Hopefully the relationship between Oakland’s NFL and MLB teams is a little warmer than what this exchange would have us believe. After all, the Oakland Coliseum is the only stadium to host teams from both leagues. So, the Raiders and A’s can’t exactly avoid each other.