Hawk Harrelson ‘will never step foot’ in Wrigley Field again

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson loves Fenway Park. The 2018 season will be Harrelson’s last in the booth¬†and he told Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune that he’d love to go to Boston, where he played from 1967-1969, in his final year as an announcer.

But while Hawk love’s MLB’s oldest park, he doesn’t have the same feelings towards its second-oldest stadium.

“I’ll tell you this much, I’ll never go back to Wrigley Field again,” Harrelson said, via Kane. “Worst press box, worst booths for television. It’s a joke. It really is.”

Hawk has never been known for sugarcoating anything. So, it’s no surprise that he’d be so blunt about Wrigley.

Hawk noted that his replacement, Jason Benetti, “is getting ready for those (games) at Wrigley.”

He also said made it clear that he’s not only done with Wrigley as an announcer, saying “I will never step foot in that ballpark again. Ever.”

Wrigley Field has undergone significant renovations since the end of the 2014 season, some of which are still going on. But obviously the changes have done little to impress Hawk.

As Kane noted, Harrelson will only work about 20 games in 2018. Most, if not all of those, will be at the White Sox home of Guaranteed Rate Field.