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During the Seattle Seahawks’ final regular season against the Arizona Cardinals, a man was videotaped harassing and assaulting a lesbian couple in attendance.

The man in the video has been identified as Jay Dee Harp III of Tacoma. According to Q13 FOX News, an arrest warrant has recently been issued. Harp is wanted on charges of assault in the second degree and malicious harassment — the state’s hate crime law.

According to the report, court documents indicate Harp began “making derogatory comments toward a lesbian couple seated near him, and then continued to say things about their sexual orientation as he went back and forth through the aisles to get beer.”

Then, in the third quarter of the game after returning from yet another trip to the beer vendor, he is alleged to have pushed and grabbed one of the women by the jacket, per the court documents.

Harp is also alleged to have grabbed one of the women’s breasts and then threw beer in her face after she attempted to push him off of her. The video of the incident also shows Harp hitting one of the women with a closed fist in the face after other fans got involved to help the couple being attacked.

Police said that the woman “suffered a bloody nose and a laceration, and the punch chipped a large piece of one of her teeth,” per the report.

When police arrived on the scene to arrest him, Harp also attacked them, punched one officer in the stomach and had to be tasered. When he was originally booked, he was released on $25,000 bond. Since the arrest warrant has been issued, however, that total has been bumped up to $100,000.

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