“Hardcore Pawn” Can’t Wait to Get Their Hands on Tom Brady’s Deflated Footballs

We all know that authentic sports memorabilia can sell for some big bucks. This is why the stars of Hardcore Pawn, Les Gold and his son, Seth, want to get their hands on those deflated footballs that were touched by New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady.

If proven to be authentic, Lee claims the footballs could sell for tens of thousands—much more than legally inflated NFL authentic game balls.

Here’s the exact conversation that TMZ reporters had as they caught up with the father and son duo from Hardcore Pawn.

The guys signed off by saying whoever is in possession of these footballs should get them to the shop stat. That does bring up the very good question as where exactly the footballs are being stored now that the investigation is complete.

If we see Brady in a cheap disguise lurking around the Hardcore Pawn shop, carrying around an unmarked duffle bag, we should be concerned.