Hakeem “Nicks-ed” From The Giants…Now Where?

By Jessica Kleinschmidt

Get it? Sorry, I’m being punny…

Recent free agent Hakeem Nicks is showing some interest from the Colts, Panthers, and Chargers. The Super Bowl XLVI winner said he was open to a one-year deal which seems almost silly considering this was the wide receiver that was once one of the most feared in the NFL not too long ago.

Even though he has had past injuries (really though, who in the NFL, or in any other professional sports hasn’t?), he still has a chance to be a strong receiver for any team who’s willing to take him. In 2011, Nicks accumulated 1,192 yards with seven touchdowns. He may not be able to produce the same numbers, but if he hooks up with a quarterback like Andrew Luck or Philip Rivers, games will be won. 

Photo: Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports