Gus Johnson CFB compilation video is two minutes of pure joy

FOX Sports commentator Gus Johnson is the best in the business. Watching games he calls is just a treat, as he has the best one-liners, and they are seemingly never ending. He’s just a brilliant in-the-moment wordsmith who encapsulates big plays better than any other broadcaster in the game today.

So, it was quite a treat when, on Monday, a compilation of his best and funniest calls from the 2017-18 college football season emerged on Twitter, courtesy of Tyler Morales of Optimum Scouting.

“Woooo! What a hit! Denzel Ward! You got barbeque back there? And you didn’t invite me?!?! Hurt. My. Feelings!”

That’s just one of the best quotes from the nearly two-minute video of Johnson’s best calls from this past college football season.

Gus Johnson is a national treasure. It’s just a shame that FOX Sports hasn’t seen fit to promote this man to call some NFL games.