Gregg Popovich blasts Knicks over Marcus Morris signing

It was just this past summer that the San Antonio Spurs looked destined to bring in veteran forward Marcus Morris. Reports emerged during the free agency tampering period that Morris had agreed to sign with San Antonio.

Morris had a change of heart and ultimately signed with the New York Knicks on a one-year, $15 million contract.

That did not sit well with Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich and Co. In an ironic turn, Morris and the Knicks open up their season Wednesday night in San Antonio.

Prior to the game, Popovich sounded off on the Knicks and their handling of the situation.

That’s Pop for you. He’s never afraid to opine on what’s happening around the world, sports or elsewhere.

Needless to say, this is going to be seen as a major shot at the unprofessional Knicks. It’s an organization that has been regarded that way for some time under embattled owner James Dolan.

We’re intrigued to see how Morris will be received in San Antonio. It’s unlikely to be very positive.