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Greg Olsen’s Fox salary revealed after Super Bowl broadcast

Greg Olsen

When watching Super Bowl LVII, the question of how much money does Greg Olsen make as an analyst for FOX Sports likely popped into the heads of thousands of spectators listening to his call. Olsen, who first became well-known to football fans thanks to being the 31st pick in the 2007 NFL Draft after a successful career with the Miami Hurricanes, enjoyed a 14-year career as a tight end.

In that time, Olsen made three Pro Bowl teams, and he even got to play in Super Bowl 50, but he would never win the big game. On Sunday, Olsen had a chance to get back to the NFL’s biggest stage, but this time, it comes after paying his dues as a broadcaster after his playing career wrapped up at the end of 2020.

Olsen has been working with FOX Sports for just two seasons, but he is already viewed as the top broadcasting team at his network, which allowed him to work Super Bowl LVII. But how much money did he make in 2022? How much is Olsen set to make in 2023?

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Greg Olsen’s salary is impacted by Tom Brady

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While Olsen currently is part of FOX’s No. 1 team with play-by-play broadcaster Kevin Burkhardt, Olsen’s days may already be numbered. Tom Brady‘s highly publicized plan to join FOX Sports in 2024, starting a 10-year, $375 million contract, will automatically demote Olsen to second-string.

In doing so, this will have a direct impact on Olsen’s earnings, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post. According to the Post, Olsen currently makes $10 million per year from FOX Sports, but this is contingent on being part of the No. 1 broadcast team on the network. Once Brady overtakes Olsen, the latter’s salary will shrink from $10 million down to $3 million.

While $3 million is miles ahead of what most would consider a fair rate, it’s less than Olsen’s career average when he played football, aside from his initial four-year rookie contract.

While this would be a big reduction over his current salary, and even what he’s become used to, Olsen’s contract expires after the 2026 season, meaning he would hit free agency as a sports broadcaster and could sign with another network for a larger amount. Based on the returns of his Super Bowl LVII broadcasting performance, Olsen may be in line for a raise. But it won’t match Brady’s bankroll.

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