Greg Jennings Does not Miss Green Bay

It’s not a secret that the marriage between the Green Bay Packers and wide receiver Greg Jennings didn’t end too swimmingly. After signing a five-year, $45 million contract with the division rival Minnesota Vikings prior to the 2013 campaign, Jennings found himself booed by the very same fans that had cheered him at Lambeau for seven years.

Never afraid to open up to the media, the veteran receiver took it upon himself to indicate that he doesn’t necessarily miss his time in Green Bay (via ESPN.com).

Honestly, to be honest, no,” Jennings said. “It doesn’t because — and this is sincerity right here — it really has nothing to do with football. From a football standpoint, I would have loved to have finished my career out in Green Bay, but from where I am spiritually and where I am with my family and the growth that we’ve had because of what we have around us educationally — and there was some great educational systems there, as well — but this is a step up for us.

In a vacuum, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to these comments. After all, players tend to make the best decision for their family’s when looking at potential cities of employment. For Jennings, it’s rather obvious that his family is thriving in Minneapolis.

But to the Packers, this is a kick in the stomach. Not only is Jennings saying that he’s happier in Minnesota than Green Bay, he’s looking at it through a lens outside of the realm of football. That have to be a personal affront to many who live in the Green Bay area.

Jennings is returning to Green Bay for the second time since leaving when his Vikings take on Aaron Rodgers and Co. on Thursday Night Football. You can surely expect fans to let him know what they think about these latest comments when he takes the field.

Photo: USA Today