Green Bay man takes new bride’s maiden name of ‘Packer’

Packers helmet

On June 17 at Willis Tower in Chicago, a Packer wedding took place — literally. There, lifelong Green Bay Packers fan Ryan Holtan-Murphy married Marie Packer. In a decision that the groom described as a “no brainer,” he broke from tradition and took his wife’s name.

“We’re the Packer family now,” he said on ABC News, via Eliza Murphy of “Good Morning America.”

While the wedding happened in the heart of Chicago Bears country, it had a distinct Green Bay feel to it with Packers decorations all over the room.

For the most part, though, the clothing was rather traditional. The obvious exception was the Packers tux worn by the groom.

“I was waiting for something,” Marie said, via Murphy. “I was thinking, ‘This is a lot more toned down than I was expecting.’ Everyone was in black tuxedos and everything and I was like, ‘Where is the green and gold? I know it’s around here somewhere and he just hasn’t busted it out yet.’ I just stood with my head down laughing easily for two or three minutes. He looked amazing. I thought he looked hilarious.”

We’d definitely say that Holtan-Murphy, or as he;’ll soon by known, Ryan Holtan-Murphy Packer, has found himself a keeper.