WATCH: Golden Tate ruthlessly torches Drew Brees’ kids during throwing session

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been practicing with some NFL players, including Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate.

Also on hand at this practice session were Brees’ sons, who were absolutely no match in one-on-one coverage of Tate. Just watch here as Tate takes no mercy and completely leaves Brees’ kids in the dust.

Really though, should we have expected anything else? Tate is an expert starting receiver for Detroit, having caught 76.7 percent of his 120 targets last year off the hands of quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Now, it is cool to see Tate spending time with Brees, who is undoubtedly headed to the Hall of Fame. When it comes to Brees’ boys, they are going to gain a little more height and a whole lot more speed to catch up with a Pro receiver like Tate.