Giants teammate says Eli Manning is like LeBron James

Eli Manning

What do Eli Manning and LeBron James have in common? It’s a head-scratching question, if you ask us, but Damon Harrison has a different take.

The New York Giants defensive tackle was on the set of NFL Network Monday morning, and he had interesting logic behind his comparison of Manning to King James. It involved Manning’s exclusion of the network’s Top 100 list.

“Eli, when you look at Eli, it’s kind of like when you look at LeBron,” Harrison said. “I’m not saying they’re the same, but look at Eli’s numbers. Any other quarterback would have those numbers it would be an amazing year, but, it being Eli, no one is respecting it much like we do LeBron. LeBron could average 30 [points], 15 rebounds and 12 assists and it’s like ‘he didn’t do enough.’ I don’t know what’s the deal.”

It’s understandable that Harrison wants to stick up for his guy. But this is a bit absurd, if not completely so.

Manning wasn’t exactly spectacular last season. It was a down year for the Giants quarterback. He barely passed for 4,000 yards, despite featuring a loaded receiving corps. Additionally, his touchdowns were down from his two previous seasons, while his interceptions were up.

New York made it to the playoffs, but that had perhaps more to do with the team’s outstanding defense than Manning’s performance, which included a stinker in the wild card round of the playoffs.

James is undeniably the best basketball player on the face of planet Earth. Manning is maybe a top-10 quarterback. James has made it to the NBA Finals seven straight times. Eli Manning has made the playoffs three times in the past nine seasons.

This comparison just doesn’t work. Nice try, though.