Giants’ Golden Tate blasts NFL after suspension was upheld

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate will officially miss the first quarter of the regular season after his four-game NFL-mandated suspension was upheld on Tuesday.

Tate was initially suspended by the league earlier this summer for violating its PED policy.

The former Pro Bowler had previously mentioned that the substance he took stemmed from a treatment prescribed to him during fertility planning. He was hoping the NFL would provide an exception.

That did not happen. And it looks like Mr. Tate is not too happy about it.

“Unfortunately the NFL stood by their no tolerance policy, which I hope one day to help have a part in reforming,” Tate wrote.

It’s true that the league will likely have to change its drug policy once the current collective bargaining agreement comes to an end following the 2020 season. Though, we’re not too sure that PED use will be included in said changes.

Most of the focus has been on marijuana as pain-killing alternative. That falls under umbrella of the NFL’s recreational drug policy.