Report: Giants don’t like Josh Rosen, will take Sam Darnold if he’s there at No. 2

Sam Darnold

If the Cleveland Browns take Josh Allen, rather than Sam Darnold, at No. 1 overall, then the New York Giants won’t hesitate to draft the USC signal caller, and they reportedly don’t like UCLA’s Josh Rosen.

“If [Sam] Darnold is available, they’re taking Darnold,” an NFL talent evaluator told NJ Advance Media. “They don’t like [Josh] Rosen.”

According to the source quoted by NJ Advance Media, the Giants have three top favorites for the No. 2 spot — Darnold, Saquon Barkley and Bradley Chubb. The executive quoted also said, “They are debating Barkley vs. Chubb, because they need an edge rusher but the scouts love Barkley.”

It’s rather interesting that the Giants reportedly don’t like Rosen, who, as a thrower, is so similar to Eli Manning. Because of that, it would seem like a natural fit to have Rosen sitting behind Manning for a year or two before taking over. But perhaps Rosen’s demeanor and personality — seen by some as problematic — is off-putting to the Giants’ brass.

In any case, it’s hardly surprising that the Giants would love to have Darnold, who’s become a hot item in recent weeks. He absolutely aced his pro day, which was all the more impressive due to some pretty heavy rain. Additionally, he recently made headlines because he changed flight plans so he could throw for a couple of teammates at USC’s make-up pro day, showing outstanding leadership.

The final thing worth noting, however, is that it’s officially lying season in the NFL. Who knows? This report could mean the Giants absolutely love Rosen and are just trying to throw other teams off the scent. It’s going to be fun when all the rumors are no longer a factor at the end of April, as the draft will finally put an end to them all.