Furious Falcons fans rip Steve Sarkisian to pieces on Twitter for playcalling against Eagles

Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian

Not for the first time this season, Atlanta Falcons fans are less than pleased with the playcalling of offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, who replaced Kyle Shanahan this past offseason.

Sarkisian had previously been subject to the Wikipedia treatment earlier in the season for his dismal performance against the New England Patriots.

During the Divisional Playoff Game against Philly, the Falcons managed just 281 total yards and, of course, just 10 points, losing 15-10. Even worse, they struggled mightily while trying to score a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, down by five points, after a very strong drive to that point.

Not surprisingly, fans once again lashed out.






Believe me, these were the tame tweets. We abstained from sharing some of the spicier, angrier tweets with you all.

Sarkisian really does have some questions to answer. After all, Atlanta’s offense led the NFL last season under Shanahan, averaging 33.8 points per game. Atlanta had most of the exact same players on the offensive side of the ball in 2017 but were only able to score 22.1 points per game this past season.

Clearly, there was a drop-off. A lot of that lies on the shoulders of Sarkisian, who might want to avoid Falcons fans for a while.