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Super Bowl bet: FS1 hosts buy $8K ticket for $57K

Jesse Reed

Last week, we covered a wild story about a bettor who purchased a ticket with 20/1 odds that the New Orleans Saints would win Super Bowl LIII. Now that ticket has been sold.

The original price tag of that ticket was $8,000, which would yield $168,000 if the Saints do pull it off. After the Saints won last weekend, said bettor put his ticket up for auction.

According to Darren Rovell of The Action Network, that ticket has been purchased. He shared that FS1 hosts Clay Travis and Cousin Sal bought the ticket for $57,000. The purchase went through ProSwap and was the largest sale in the company’s history, per Rovell.

So, the person who initially slapped $8,000 has already profited $49,000 and walks away a guaranteed winner. Travis and Cousin Sal, on the other hand, have risked quite a bit but stand to gain even more if the Saints come home with the Lombardi.

And at a minimum, the two hosts have brought attention to themselves. Even if they lose, $57,000 is a relatively small price to pay for advertisement during Super Bowl week, if the Saints make it that far.