Report: ‘Growing frustration’ with Mike McCoy’s offensive scheme in Denver

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is unofficially on the hot seat as the team is reportedly becoming increasingly frustrated with his scheme, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

“Mostly, the dissatisfaction comes from the offensive playbook being unwieldy. Elway has always believed in execution over everything — simple and fast — rather than focusing on trying to out-scheme the opponent,” per Rapoport. “The belief is the offense has contained too much this year. At times, the playbook has featured more plays than even when Peyton Manning was under center in Denver, except this version of theĀ BroncosĀ has inexperienced QBs.”

The Broncos went from barely missing the playoffs last season to stumbling into the bottom third of the league in 2017 and potentially a top draft pick next April. At 3-6 heading into Week 11, Denver’s season is almost over already. And this, despite the defense ranking No. 2 in yardage, behind only the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Offensively, the Broncos are a hot mess. Trevor Siemian, who was better than average last year, has not only been benched for none other than Brock Osweiler but isn’t even going to be active Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. The team ranks No. 24 in the league in scoring points and is generally a disheveled unit that shoots itself in the foot on a regular basis.

Per Rapoport, John Elway isn’t interested in looking for a new head coach right now. He said he knew the team would have growing pains under the rookie head coach. However, if the offense continues to stink up the joint, Rapoport writes, “don’t be surprised to see some changes on the offensive coaching staff next year.”

And that makes perfect sense. The one thing that is still wafting in the room like a noxious fart that just won’t go away, however, is the fact that Denver might not have a quarterback worth building around on the roster right now. And that’s on John Elway, who may have taken a huge swing only to miss on Lynch.