“Free Brady” Hashtag Takes Over Twitter

It’s always entertaining checking out social media reactions when a big story around the sports world breaks.

It’s even more entertaining when that story includes someone like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who was suspended four games by the NFL for his alleged involvement in the Deflategate scandal.

Just check out the #FreeBrady hashtag, as it’s quite awesome.

One minor issue here. Rice was actually suspended indefinitely after the NFL “saw” the video of the former Baltimore Ravens running back hitting his now wife Janay Rice.

But I digress.

Someone have a Pulp Fiction meme available?

Fitzy is apparently salty.


Didn’t realize the NFL had the ability to jail someone. No, there aren’t any Aaron Hernandez jokes here.


We knew that one was coming.

No. Just no.

Okay, that’s good.

However, the best thing from Monday HAS to be the GoFundMe account that a Patriots fan set up to help the team pay the $1 million fine the NFL levied against it.

No. Seriously.


Sadly, four people have donated a total of $40.00 to the fund.

Photo: USA Today Sports