Former UCLA basketball player Billy Knight dead in apparent suicide

Tragedy has struck the basketball world. Ex-UCLA basketball player, Billy Knight, was found dead in Phoenix on Sunday in an apparent suicide.

Knight, 39, posted a video that, included him stating that it was “probably my last message on Earth” and said “My time is up.”

“In the video, an emotional Knight talks about depression and apologizes to friends and family. He also advises people suffering from mental illness to seek help, so they don’t end up like him,” a TMZ Sports report noted. “Shortly after the video was posted, the Phoenix P.D. says officers found Knight’s body in a roadway in downtown Phoenix.”

Those who wish to view the video in its entirety can do so here.

After his basketball career ended, Knight became a trainer. One of his clients was UCLA teammate Matt Barnes. Per TMZ, Barnes said of Knight’s passing, “Rest Easy My Brotha! Your summer time beach workouts had me in the best shape of my life to start every season!”

This is the second time in a matter of days that the UCLA basketball program has lost an alum. Former Bruin, Tyler Honeycutt, was recently killed in an altercation with police.