Former quarterback comments on Russell Wilson’s weight gain

According to Pro Football Reference, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s weight is listed at 203 pounds. He is also on record for standing 5-foot-11.

Hence, the topic of Wilson putting on some extra pounds surfaced after some photos of him at Disneyland circulated through social media. Comments about Wilson getting a “dad body” were among the top in discussions.

Subsequently, former Seahawks quarterback Brock Huard discussed Wilson’s weight gain and called it a “good thing” according to Eric Mandel of 710 AM ESPN Seattle.

“His weight will fluctuate. I think he will be a 210-225 guy, and I think he’ll be a bigger guy when he’s done (with the game). Quite honestly, would I rather have him be a 200- or 205-pound guy year round? No. I’d rather have him be able to absorb a lot of the hits that he’s taken.”

Huard spoke about his college days when he attended the University of Washington and his lack of ability to keep extra weight on, per Mandel.

“Scott Linehan, my old offensive coordinator in college said, ‘Would you please have some beers and eat some pizza? I don’t need you at 4 percent body fat. Will you please add a little weight or you’re going to sprain an ankle or separate a shoulder because you just can’t be this lean playing the position.'”

Regarding Wilson’s current weight, Huard noted that any extra pounds he has gained shouldn’t affect the quarterback’s speed or mobility.

If a newly-engaged Wilson has indeed gained some offseason weight, that is probably because he is enjoying the few months off the NFL allows before offseason activities begin.

Whatever range Wilson’s weight fluctuates, it has not appeared to impact his performance, as Huard had mentioned. Last year, Wilson threw for a career-high 4,024 yards and 34 touchdowns. Furthermore, he posted the third-most quarterback rushing yards (553) in the league.

Plus, any extra pounds likely helped protect him from the ridiculous 45 sacks he endured without injury last season.

Once the NFL’s offseason organized activities begin, Wilson will hit the gym and settle into the perfect weight that he always has since entering the NFL in 2012.