Former Redskins GM’s wife puts team on blast with one simple tweet

Scot McCloughan

To say that Scot McCloughan’s tenure as the Washington Redskins’ general manager ended on a sour note this past March would be an understatement. Washington did everything in its power to throw the former executive under the bus in the most public of manners (more on that here).

Now as the Redskins themselves continue to spiral downhill following the latest news on Kirk Cousins’ contract, certain people are taking to the public airwaves as a way to shade the Redskins.

McCloughan’s wife, Jessica, is no different.

Three words. All the same. And shade being thrown as far as the eye can see. We’ll go on record here claiming that this was well-played.

This comes hours after the deadline passed for the Redskins and Kirk Cousins to come to an agreement on a long-term deal. It also comes with the Redskins still finding themselves without a general manager on the eve of training camp. Remember, McCloughan was fired on the first day of free agency back in March.

On that very same day, Jessica sent out another cryptic post on Twitter.

It remains to be seen how the entire Cousins situation will play out in D.C. But the more we here from people that were close to the organization until recently, the more we realize things just aren’t going swimmingly for the Skins. Maybe that’s why Kirk wants out.