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Former NFL quarterback offers Colin Kaepernick some advice

Vincent Frank
Colin Kaepernick

It seems that everyone around the football world has an opinion on the Colin Kaepernick situation. Still unsigned, the free agent quarterback had drawn interest from the Baltimore Ravens recently. That’s been snuffed out a bit recently due to the team’s owner reportedly blocking a signing — something the Ravens themselves have denied.

As it is, Kaepernick remains the biggest-named free agent in football with training camps getting going. And everyone seemingly has an opinion on his situation. Former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart is no different.

“Right now he’s not giving himself a chance,” Stewart said, via NFL No Huddle (h/t Pro Football Talk). “I don’t think it’s the owners; I think it’s more or less Colin Kaepernick in my mind. Stay off of social media, and when it comes to the political side of everything, you can express yourself, you can do it quietly.

Stewart seems to be blaming Kaepernick for his current situation. It’s pretty much the same stance future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis has taken recently.

No matter where we stand on the Kaepernick-led National Anthem protest, we can all agree that his on-field resume speaks for itself. The former Super Bowl quarterback put up 18 total touchdowns compared to four interceptions for the then talent-stricken San Francisco 49ers last season.

Stewart seems to agree with this sentiment.

“You see what’s taking place with him right now,” the former Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback said. “He’s not even getting a chance to play and he’s better than 90 percent plus of the backups playing in the National Football League, let alone some starters that are playing right now.”

As an African-American quarterback before it really became a thing, Stewart speaks from experience here. Though, that doesn’t mean that he fully understands Kaepernick’s stance and why he’s become the face of non-violent protest in the United States.

It’s still a rather interesting comment from someone that has at least shared in some of Kaepernicks’ life experience.