Former NFL players compete in World Series of Poker

By Vincent Frank

Antoine Winfield was a darn good cornerback during his playing days with the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings.

He played 14 years in the NFL, earning three Pro Bowl appearances and picking off a total of 27 passes.

Attempting to show that his talents aren’t limited to just the gridiron, Winfield took part in this year’s World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas (h/t Adam Carlson of The Viking Age).

While the former Pro Bowler apparently did not advance through the initial round, he did take time to play online chess with Adrian Peterson in between hands. That’s some real talent right there.

On another note, seven-time Pro Bowler and three-time Super Bowl champion Richard Seymour did advance through the initial round.

It’s probably a good idea that these men are ex-NFL players, as we have no idea how commissioner Roger Goodell would handle them taking part in this “sporting” event. It’s safe to say the dictator in charge would have an issue with this.