Former 49ers QB Trent Dilfer analyzes Colin Kaepernick and new offense

Former NFL quarterback turned ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer has spent much of post-playing days critiquing young quarterbacks, and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is his latest study.

Dilfer, who spent his final season playing for the 49ers, watched some film and offered a few observations on Kaepernick’s mechanics.

Dilfer reports that Kap’s pocket awareness and ball protection have both improved dramatically.

Also noted by Dilfer is that Kaepernick’s upper-body mechanics are tighter which “allows him to ‘tempo’ the ball to get up [and] down ‘firm with an arc.'”

Regarding the 49ers attack under new coordinator Geep Chryst, Dilfer said the passing offense will be based on timing that will let Kaepernick get rid of the ball quicker so receivers will have more space to run after the catch.

Dilfer claimed that the new scheme will be also incorporate more of a West Coast style that blends in a heavy dose of the run game, which will ultimately relieve some pressure on Kaepernick.

The improvements Kaepernick has made in his mechanics likely have much to do with him working alongside the legendary Kurt Warner during the offseason. However, both Dilfer and Warner indicated that Kap must improve his comfort level in the pocket to throw more.

We’ll see if the Dilfer’s detailed analysis of Kaepernick looking more comfortable and mechanically improved holds true when the 49ers take on the Minnesota Vikings, a primetime matchup on Monday Night Football in Week 1.