Floyd Mayweather’s daughter arrested after allegedly stabbing a woman

Floyd Mayweather
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We already know that boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has had his share of domestic incidents. He’s now apparently passed that on to his daughter, Iyanna.

She was arrested in Houston early Saturday morning after an incident inside hip-hop artist NBA Youngboy’s house.

According to TMZ Sports, Iyanna allegedly stabbed Youngboy’s fiancee, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, multiple times.

Mrs. Jacobs had asked Iyanna to leave the house. An argument continued into the kitchen, where the latter allegedly picked up two knives.

“We’re told the argument moved into the kitchen, where Iyanna was holding 2 knives. According to our sources, Jacobs stepped toward Iyanna and Iyanna charged at her with one of the knives,” the report notes. “Jacobs told cops she didn’t feel the first knife wound but then she said Iyanna charged at her with the second knife, stabbing her again.”

Jacobs condition is not yet known. Meanwhile, Iyanna is being held in Houston’s Harris County Jail on aggravated assault charges.