Florida State President on Jimbo Fisher: He’s here forever

In the midst of their worst season in more than four decades, there’s some question about the direction of the Florida State football program.

Head coach Jimbo Fisher, with the program since 2007, is reportedly drawing interest from Texas A&M. It might be the best timing for such a earth-shattering move, but this possibility remains highly unlikely.

Fisher remains under contract through the 2024-25 season after signing an extension late last year. And it doesn’t look like Florida State President John Thrasher is going to let him walk.

“Jimbo’s here forever,” Thrasher said, via Tia Mitchell of the Florida Times-Union. “You know, as long as he wants to be, he’s good. He’s as good as gold. He’s going to be here.”

Well, that’s about as clear as it gets. If Thrasher had his druthers, Fisher wouldn’t leave Tallahassee until he decides to retire.

He’s had tremendous success since taking over for the legendary Bobby Bowden as the Noles’ head coach back in 2010. Since then, Florida State has earned seven consecutive bowl appearances, found itself in four major bowls and won the national title back in 2013.

Even then, Fisher does have a buyout provision in his contract that enables him to resign for another job by paying out compensation to the program.

So if the head coach wanted to leave, he could. Though, that remains a remote possibility right now.