Fitting Photo at Dodgers Game Pays Respect to Father’s Day

Father’s Day is when all the men who have made the decision to be role models and help mold their children into respectable, mature, law-abiding, moral and decent adults are celebrated by their kids, big and small. 

One of the best ways to show your father that you respect what he has done for you is to take him to a baseball game. After all, in many ways baseball defined our earlier stages of life when our father’s were paramount figures on our day-to-day existence.

The following photo, tweeted out by @LosDodgers, is as stunning as it is simplistic.

From everybody at Sportsnaut, we hope that all the father’s out there had a wonderful day. For the children or adults who have seen their father’s pass away, just know that they are still here for you and remember them for how they helped shape your lives.