First photos of Jason Pierre-Paul’s injured hand emerge

By Jesse Reed

Jason Pierre-Paul hasn’t been seen in the public eye since his unfortunate fireworks accident on the 4th of July. Now, thanks to the New York Daily News, we have visual evidence of the massive trauma he endured.

Here are the pictures, via the New York Daily News:

It’s impossible to say exactly how much damage has been done, given the fact that his hand is completely covered by the wrap. However, it does appear Pierre-Paul’s thumb may have been affected more than just the mere fracture that was reported, but it could also just be the way the hand is wrapped.

All the news coming out regarding Pierre-Paul’s injury and recovery has been hear-say to this point in the proceedings. Even the New York Giants have no idea what is going on or to what extent of the injury will affect him going forward.

No doubt, photographers will be camped around wherever he is until he actually signs a new contract with the Giants. His silence and hermit-like behavior since being injured has only served to pique everyone’s interest all the more.

Now, at least we have some idea what he’s dealing with at this time.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports