Fans will live on top of billboard for 12 days during CFB Playoff

Four fans are going to undergo quite the adventure while their favorite teams battle it out in the College Football Playoff after Christmas.

Right before the two playoff semifinals take place on Dec. 27, the four fans — Llyas Ross Sr., Nancy Volland, Jeanette Kim and Ruben Hunter — will climb up a set of stairs to an ESPN billboard for the CFB Playoff. Then they’ll stay up there and actually live on the billboard for upwards of 12 days.

Per the press release, “the fans will participate in activities and challenges to earn cash and prizes, many of which will be based upon fan engagement on social media.”

The semifinals will knock fans representing the losing teams out of the billboard, and the remaining two will stay until the conclusion of the national championship game, which takes place on Jan. 7, 2019.

The contests and challenges these super fans engage in will be livestreamed on ESPN3.

Nothing like a bit of reality television to engage fans while they eagerly await the competition on the gridiron that will determine this seasons’s national champ.