Fan claims errant Tim Tebow throw hit him in the family jewels

Tim Tebow to the MLB this year? Why not

Tim Tebow’s Minor League Baseball career may be drawing fans at record numbers, but at least one fan is second guessing his trip to see Tebow play.

According to Kirsten Fleming of the New York Post, Doug Brustman — a New Jersey man — “brought his 13-year-old daughter to see her idol play.” And that trip may well mean that said daughter will not get any future brothers or sisters.

“They were warming up and throwing in front us, and I wasn’t paying attention,” Brustman said, per Fleming.  “I hear this guy behind me yell, ‘Watch out.’ And as he’s yelling, the ball comes right through the railing and hits me right in the nuts. It was a direct hit.”

If nothing else, this should be a lesson to all men. Let your jewels know how much you appreciate them. At any moment, an errant throw can come in and rock their world.

So, what gives? Tebow is known to be saving himself for marriage, but is he trying to take every other man out one by one, or two by two? Apparently not. Brustman never suspected that there was any intent.

“It was literally like a Seinfeld episode. The guy behind me shouts, ‘It was TEBOW,’” said Brustman, via Fleming. “It reminded me of his days with the Jets when he couldn’t complete a pass. This guy is so inaccurate, even with a baseball.”

Tebow later signed two books that Brustman’s daughter had brought on the trip, as well as the ball in question. It’s a nice gesture. But now Brustman has a constant reminder of the day that his life changed forever.