False outrage? Hue Jackson now lists Josh Gordon as starter

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Gordon was supposedly not supposed to be the starter in Week 1 for the Cleveland Browns but ended up starting anyway. Hue Jackson has made quite a big deal out of saying that it was a “mistake” due to “miscommunication.”

But here we are, just a couple days removed from Cleveland’s 21-21 tie against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Gordon is suddenly, officially, a starter.

Jackson has a history of saying one thing and then doing another. At this point, it’s hard to believe the words that come out of his mouth when it comes to his depth chart.

That being said, despite missing time this summer, the Browns should start Gordon. He’s clearly one of the two best receivers on the team’s roster, and his brilliant touchdown catch to tie the game up on Sunday is proof that he’s capable of making a big impact, despite the missed time.

It’s just too bad that Jackson felt the need to engage in false outrage over Gordon having started in Week 1.