Fair or fowl? Falcons new stadium features bold metal sculpture


When Atlanta Falcons fans walk up to the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, they’ll be confronted with a bold sculpture of a humongous bird.

Here’s the metallic sculpture, which has been getting, shall we say, mixed reviews?


Not surprisingly, it took no time at all for someone to slap a Crying Jordan face on this sucker, with the added bonus of the 28-3 score that the Falcons blew in Super Bowl LI.

Many people don’t like the big egg-football the metal falcon is grasping with its talons.

For what it’s worth, this scribe likes everything about the sculpture, aside from the fact the falcon has no eyes. You have to be able to see, man. That’s just a necessity to stay alive for a bird of prey.

And, if you’re not a fan of the huge falcon, you might be pleased to check out the Hall of Heroes memorial the Falcons are reportedly going to feature to celebrate the military.