Ezekiel Elliott’s mom fires back after son criticized for being in car accident

Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott has been in the news a whole heck of a lot since joining the Dallas Cowboys. Some of it’s been good news. Some of it, not so much.

The running back was back in the news Wednesday when it was revealed the ‘Boys were keeping him from practicing after he was involved in a car accident and hit his head. Some people have taken this news to mean that somehow it was Elliott’s fault or that he can’t stay out of trouble.

That’s not something his mom (identified as such by Joe Trahan of WFAA-TV in Dallas) appreciates.

Not only was Elliott in the car that was rear ended, but he wasn’t even the driver.

There are certain things that are simply out of the hands of celebrities like Elliott. And his mother is right. Everything he does is highly scrutinized, fair or not. So with that in mind, perhaps we should all be a little less hasty to jump to judgement on issues such as this one.