Ezekiel Elliott might shoot some guns with first paycheck

After signing a sweet rookie deal that included a ridiculous $24.7 million guaranteed over four seasons, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is ready for a shopping spree.

A few things on Elliott’s list include a “new crib” for his mother and possibly a gun so he can practice shooting for the first time (via TMZ).

After all, Zeke is in Texas where natives enjoy their cowboy boots and gun collections.

Though, rather than forking over $10,000 for a pair of snazzy boots, Elliott said that money might be better spent on a pre-game suit.

The good news here? Elliott claims that he won’t have to pay thousands on a rookie hazing dinner, as the Cowboys apparently don’t take part in such immaturity.

We can probably imagine some custom-designed western crop top attire is also on Elliott’s shopping list as well.

Dallas selected Elliott No. 4 overall in last month’s draft. And after guaranteeing him all that cash, the team expects a whole heck of a lot from him.