Ezekiel Elliott: ‘It’s kinda sad NFL is being so strict on celebrations’

Ezekiel Elliott

The NFL’s crackdown on end-zone celebrations has brought criticism from around the league. Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott is the latest to chime in.

Elliott has been at the center of this controversy since Sunday night. He scored a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and celebrated by jumping into the Salvation Army bucket right behind the end zone, which you can see here. The NFL eventually decided against fining Elliott, but he was penalized.

Elliott certainly has a point. If excessive celebrations are going to be penalized, it really should be on an “I know it when I see it” basis. Too often, players are penalized for using a “prop,” like Elliott, or celebrating with a teammate. That is ridiculous.

There’s no question that the NFL is multi-billion dollar industry. With that, it’s unquestionably a job for these players. But football is unquestionably a game, as well. Games are meant to be fun. Elliott is right on the money here.