Report: Dallas PD to ‘likely suspend’ Ezekiel Elliott case as victim, witnesses not cooperating

Ezekiel Elliott

The Dallas Police Department will reportedly likely suspend the case involving Ezekiel Elliott, who was accused of punching a man at a Dallas bar.

Rebecca Lopez of WFAA_TV provided the following details.

While this is temporarily good news for Elliott, this does not mean the case will be closed. It also does not mean Elliott won’t potentially face discipline from the NFL.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett threw his support behind Elliott on Wednesday while abstaining from any comments specific to the allegations facing the star running back.

Elliott is still under investigation by the league for allegations that he abused his ex-girlfriend — an investigation that has spanned over a year. Of further interest to the league is the incident in which he pulled a woman’s top down at a parade, which could reportedly factor into the final verdict.