Former Patriots Offensive Lineman Having Deflategate Raffle

By Rachel Wold

Deflategate is everywhere. We cannot escape it. So why not bank off of the scandal and hold a charity raffle to award some sweet merchandise to a New England Patriots fan? That is exactly what ex-Patriot Matt Light is doing by holding a celebrity raffle for charity. The grand prize will be a paid trip to watch Tom Brady’s return game.

This is no joke. The winner will receive the following:

* Autographed Tom Brady football inflated to winner’s PSI standards.

* Winner and a guest will fly in a private jet with the former Patriot offensive lineman and his friends.

* Round-trip coach airfare to Boston.

* Winner and a guest will dine at one of the best restaurants in Indianapolis.

* Winner and a guest will receive one night hotel accommodations at the Marriott in Indianapolis.

* Transportation to and from the game.

* Winner will be awarded a cash prize of $1,995.00.

That’s quite the grand prize.

It is reported that the money raised in Light’s raffle will be put towards his youth foundation in Ohio.

Light had some interesting comments regarding his raffle, totally throwing shade on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in the process (via The Boston Globe).

“If you feel the same way I do about this ridiculous circus that Roger Goodell and all the rest of his little buddies in the NFL office have put together. If you think it’s absolutely insane, then side with me, get a chance to go to Indianapolis, private jet, see the game and enjoy the weekend. And we’re going to turn the circus into something positive — we’ll send a lot of kids to camp.

And you know what? Roger, if you’re listening, we may raise enough money to actually have you come and attend one of our leadership camps.”

The former 10-year veteran of the Patriots is not messing around here. And if you’re actually interesting in getting in on Light’s raffle, the tickets only cost $2 each. The winner will drawn on October 13.