Ex-NFL LB Aaron Maybin, now a teacher, went door-to-door to help students during cold snap

Once an NFL linebacker, Aaron Maybin is now carving out a legacy as an educator and advocate in his hometown of Baltimore, Md. He’s a teacher at Matthew A. Henson Elementary School in Baltimore now, and he’s been making national headlines for his focus on ensuring children have proper heat supplies at school.

He recently raised money to fix the broken heating system at Henson Elementary and has been advocating for citizens to get involved where government has failed.

“We have to think about how we are equipping [students] to be able to deal with harsh realities,” said Maybin, per NBC News. “[When the heat shuts down], it sends the message that they don’t matter.”

Additionally, Maybin has been going door-to-door to ask for help, gathering supplies and support.

Showing himself to be a man of many talents, Maybin has also released a book entitled, “Art Activism” and recently featured an art exhibition in Baltimore.

Clearly, this is a young man who gets it. He’s a true role model and staunch advocate for the young people of Baltimore, where, because of his efforts, things are beginning to turn around for the better.