Ex-49ers DB Donte Whitner calls out beat writer over misleading headline

Former San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner isn’t happy with a beat writer who currently covers the team.

Grant Cohn of the Press Democrat wrote an article with the headline, “Donte Whitner rips Ahkello Witherspoon.” In the article, he referenced Whitner’s Instagram account, on which he broke down film of Witherspoon.

It’s not stretching the truth to say that Whitner was critical of Witherspoon. He also praised him at times, though, and when he saw Cohn’s headline he took exception.

It’s worth pointing out that many fans, both replying to Cohn’s own tweet of his story and Whitner’s response, indicate that sensationalizing is what Cohn does best.

And based on the way Whitner responded, it seems that perhaps some residual resentment might still be lingering from when he was a player in San Francisco.